In 1997 Icon Enterprises International Inc, A Leading Manufacturer of high quality components for many OEM, and name brand companies, started IconTV. From the beginning IconTV had the idea that a quality engineered LCD monitor system could change the 12Volt Industry. Add dedication, experience, hard work and by 1998 IconTV had the first LCD model ready for worldwide distribution. This Monitor was the perfect mix for stand-alone and headrest applications. Till this day almost a million of these monitors have been sold worldwide. Since the 1st monitor in 1997, IconTV has grown to become a leading worldwide automotive multimedia company. Currently Icon offers over 140 Multimedia products, ranging from Super High Resolution Monitors, to professional quality DVD Players. Since 2001 IconTV was rated #1 in a leading trade publication more times than any other company in Multimedia products, voted by installers nationwide. In 2001 IconTV was accepted into the Consumer Electronics Association, and the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association. In 2002 Icon-TV won the Prestigious Innovations Award. Winner of 2 Grand Prix Awards “Monitors” Rated #1 By Dealers Nationwide. (Street Beat) Best Show Vehicle of the year. And a proud member of CEA, MERA and SEMA. In 2003 Icon-TV was a 2 time Winner of the Prestigious Innovations Award and a 2 time Winner of the Grand Prix Award. In 2003 Icon-TV became and in 2005 still is “the most award winning Automotive Video Company in the World!” Till this day Icon is the only company called “The Best” by Car Audio & Electronics, which has been the “automotive electronics” most trusted publication for over 20 years. In 2006 not only is ICON still the worlds most award winning A/V company, but we are the only company to be officially awarded the "BEST" in Mobile Video by the Consumer Electronics Association during this years CES show in Las Vegas. Since its inception in 1997 ICON has graced the pages of thousands of national & international magazines in addition to nationally televised networks such as ABC, FOX, ESPN, SPIKE, Speed-vision, The Discovery Channel, and many more. In shows such as "Extreme 4x4", “The Other Half”, “The Wayne Brady Show”, “NOPI”, “Car and Driver” etc... and has sponsored award shows such as “The DVD Awards” on Fox hosted by Jenny McCarthy, and many other nationally televised shows. This “cool factor” is one of the many reasons why movie stars, TV stars and professional athletes choose only ICON for their cars. ICON currently spends over $500,000 worth of development a year. Since 2000 we have applied for several patents and will continue to innovate to better serve our growing high-end customer base worldwide. During the next year many of these innovations will come to market. SVC-X offers incredible system integration and custom flexibility to re-stylers and custom installers world wide, while our ICON-PC has taken the world of in-car computing and performance by storm, and our U-NAV systems are the smallest and smartest designed GPS units for the automobile available today. ICON is currently building a 500,000 square foot manufacturing and assembly facility in upstate NY. By 2009 ICON will manufacture and make more mobile multimedia products in the US than any other. IconTV is devoted to the customer and dealer alike with a knowledgeable tech. line ready to serve. Today IconTV is the high-end choice of professionals and beginners alike. No wonder Icon is “The most award winning Automotive Video Company in the WORLD”
The Story however does not end there. Icon Enterprises International owns not only the world's best and Most Award winning A/V company in the world, but we are so very proud to also own the worlds BEST Car Audio Manufacturer as well. This is a Car Audio company whose Super Fi electrostatics have made a serious impact in the world of high-end mobile sound ever since the early 1990—Critical Mass. Critical Mass was formed by one of Car Audio's first innovators and most influential people in our industry who actually started the world's first Car Audio and enhancement school back in the late 1980s. From this school Critical MASS was started in Orlando, FL, in 1990. We have been leading the way to max performance hi-fi on the road with our $259,000 CES 5.1 one of a kind ESL system. Not only does Critical MASS make the most expensive car audio system in the world, but this system is so good, that earlier this year (July 2006) Car Audio Magazine tested the least expensive part of our (CES5.1) ESL system the UL12 (MSRP $1999.00) and called it "the Perfect Sub", and "the BEST" and added that it was so good that he would sell a few things to own one because it's worth every dollar!. Imagine how good the rest of the system must sound if the least expensive part of it is the world's BEST subwoofer! Many years ago when we acquired Critical MASS we did it for the love and passion to be the very best in Car Audio just as we are in Video. We are proud to say that in 2006 we have undoubtedly accomplished this and many other just as challenging goals, and over the next 2 years will continue to wow the world with more than 50 new ultra high tech innovations in the world of ultra hi-fi A/V, from our elite team of engineers and designers at MASS Engineering (a division of Icon Enterprises International Inc.)